01 H this thing is amazing, if you know how battlecrusiers are

Please. The Smiths are hardly the first Hollywood couple to commodify their marriage, but they are the first to use a self produced online talk show, shot in their Malibu mansion, to swat down rumours of swinging, dabbling in Scientology and infidelity (though they do hint at an open marriage). Sounds like great TV, until you realise the terms of these discussions were clearly preset, that Facebook is actually paying Jada for this content, and that she and Will doubtless had final cut..

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In Madhya Pradesh, a man pulled a tribal girl off a bus, doused her in petrol and then stabbed her to death as passengers watched, unable or unwilling to help. These are just incidents that have taken place recently. Stalking, as I mentioned last week, is a crime which is not taken seriously by the police even though the Indian Penal Code has been amended to include high quality designer replica stalking in crimes against women.

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