trying to combat anti gay

With absentee ballots, Gunter said 39.4 percent of registered voters had cast their ballots either in person or through absentee ballots.Harrison, the Republican candidate for Lynchburg commonwealth’s attorney, is currently the second in command in the commonwealth’s attorney office.She is running against Democrat Carlos Hutcherson, a defense lawyer.Harrison said the primary responsibility of the commonwealth’s attorney is to be a minister of justice and to be a voice for victims of crime and domestic violence.She has been jumping between Bedford Hills Elementary School, First Presbyterian Church and St. Paul’s Church.She said she has been receiving positive feedback from a number of people who have said they would be voting for her.She said several initiatives have been started in her office to create crime prevention for victims.”They have said they are grateful for the campaign being so positive,” she said.She added that 5,547 residential students were registered and eligible to vote on campus.Early this morning LU President Jerry Falwell Jr. Took to social media to encourage students to vote, and promised no penalties for missing class.Students voting or not also received free pizza and hot dogs outside of The Vines Center.The free food came with a side of politics, as campaign volunteers outside of Vines Center urged students to vote for their candidates.

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Masonius is a gritty, high energy lead guard who competed at Manasquan High School, a perennial New Jersey Group II power led by head coach Lisa Kukoda. As a junior, she helped Manasquan advance to the Tournament of Champions final for the third straight year and fourth time in the last five years. Masonius also competed for the New Jersey Wildcats, one of New Jersey’s most respected AAU programs..

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